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A Virtual Operations Manager is a scalable asset for startups that need to keep their business operations and costs low. Traditional corporate roles are expensive to hire and limited in scope but now you can keep your business geared for success by hiring virtual assistance to take care of your business operations without all that extra overhead. From Operations and HR to Systems Administration and Scheduling, your business needs are our business.

Human Resources

Keep your business growing: Human resources tasks include determing needs, managing the recruiting process, hiring employees, overseeing assignment of employees and planning staff development and training.

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Systems Administration

Keep your business productive: Systems Administration is an important role in managing all cloud-based applications. Responsibilities can include managing payroll and benefit systems, Google accounts, accounting programs, and more.

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Getting started with a Virtual Operations Manager is easy.

Each relationship is individually crafted and molded to fit your needs. The process is a synergistic movement that shapes and grows as you become increasingly comfortable with delegating responsibilities and are sufficiently satisfied with each end-result. Once you establish this working relationship, you have a team player that works for and with you to make sure you're getting the most out of your day.

Collecting Information

Each client has a profile sheet so that you never have to repeat yourself. From numbers and accounts to preferences and more, we're keeping track.

Security Measures

None of your information is shared with 3rd parties and all of your information is safely
stored using LastPass, a secure
password management tool.

Commuinication Methods

Whether you prefer email, text, Slack, phone, or an app of your preference, you can communicateusing whichever methods suits you best!


Your business will undoubtedly experience growth and lean periods. We scale with you. Upgrade or downgrade to meet your business needs and budget.

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Experience Exceptional Service


Trained in the arts of online efficiency and backed with all the right tools to manage every job with expediency. 


Plugged in and connected at all times, your business needs will be performed with a high standard of quality. 


Saving you money is an important aspect of the job so your business can reinvest in itself for growth and success. 

Super simple pricing
that scales with your usage

$ 399 /mo
  • Standard Package
  • Designed for businesses who need a bit of casual support to stay on top.
  • 1 User Max
  • 10 Monthly Hours
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$ 799 /mo
  • Professional Package
  • For the growing business that needs help in a few  different areas.
  • User Max
  • 20 Monthly Hours
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$ 1,199 /mo
  • Corporate Package
  • For the growing business that needs all hands on deck.
  • Team Support
  • 30 Monthly Hours
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I'm an American digital nomad
and I work with clients globally.

  • Terae is one of the most professional and hard-working virtual employees I've ever worked with. She's great with deadlines, very communicative (gives you updates but is sensitive about your time), and you can trust her to actually get stuff done. She was literally working for us at all hours of the day. Terae was knowledgeable and able to do basically anything we asked her to do. And best of all, she helped us produce business results. We would definitely work with her again.

    Mattan Griffel, CEO - One Month
  • Terae has provided vital and reliable assistance to my many roles as an independent consultant, business owner, HOA officer, husband and father. Most impressively, she has utilized her great technical skills with navigating through and updating databases, preparing shared spreadsheets, frequently updating a dynamic Tumblr site, and quickly finding a variety of information on the web. I strongly recommend Terae for anyone needing a variety of virtual assistance.

    Mason Wong, Founder - ZWD
  • I really enjoyed working with Terae. I'm amazed by the amount of time this service has saved me and feel the systems she put in place will scale with my business. Her versatility is exactly what my business needed. Thanks for everything!

    Christolene Le Hanie - Vanrhynsdorp Farms

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